Testimonials - Our customers speak!

Trident Qms “The ability to search through and replace text and images within 100+ documents (a mixture of Word documents and Excel spreadsheets) has made Exis’ Global Office Find and Replace (GOFR) software an invaluable tool in our organization’s documentation management arsenal.
What has taken us hours to perform such simple tasks as replacement of a company name or company logo, for example, has now turned into seconds.
Some of the functionalities we appreciate most for what needs to be searched and replaced include: uploading and downloading criteria of terms; documentation properties; regular expressions; images; form fields; replacement of existing files or placement of revised versions into a new location.” - Trident QMS
Morris Hall “This amazing software has been a powerful addition to our firm. There is no hesitation in recommending it to others who have a need to find and replace. The ability to use it across multiple documents in one operation has allowed not just for increased efficiency, but increased accuracy as well. During our learning curve we had multiple occasions to reach out to technical support and each time the service we received was excellent. We are thrilled to have stumbled across this product – thank you Google.” - Morris Hall
Morris Hall "“We develop literally 100’s of programs, manuals, reports and other documents each year that require us to constantly change out and replace images, text and logos. Some of our programs are over 600 pages in length making this a difficult task without some help. Exis’ Global Office Find and Replace (GOFR) software has made this a snap for us now cutting our time down nearly 80%. What we like especially is the support we get from the company. They are very quick to respond and always ready to help!" - Collins Safety