MS Office Find Replace Software

Global Office Find And Replace is a software for performing multiple find and replace operations of text, images, fonts, Data Connection Strings on multiple Microsoft Office documents: Word, Excel, PowerPoint or text documents on your computer without having to open each document separately! Save lots of time!

You can extract images from office documents too!

find replace text and images in excel
find replace text and images in word
find replace text and images in power point

Global Office Find And Replace software allows you to make multiple substitutions in one operation without opening each Word, Excel, Power Point or text document one at a time. Change text or images or Fonts and Font Sizes or Copyright years and special symbols. Replace Connection Strings & Document Properties / Metadata Even doing this on one document will save you a lot of time because you can make multiple substitutions in one operation. Create a template for your documents, and just run this program on it to replace the necessary wording! Replace company logo! Extract all images from your office documents without having to open each one separately. Convert all your documents to PDF! Works with Word (docx), Power Point (pptx), Excel (xlsx) and text files (.txt, .csv) Watch a brief video demonstration here!
  • Works with any office document (Microsoft Office 2007,2010,2013,2016) and any bitness 32 or 64
  • Works with pptx, xlsx, docx or text files (.csv, .txt)
  • Can read Office 97-2003 files .doc,.ppt,.xls
  • Works on Windows 7 and up (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10)
  • Multithreaded for better performance
  • Microsoft Office does NOT need to be installed!
  • Replace text and / or images in all documents stored on a computer in one operation
  • Image replacement has flexible scaling options to preserve the look and feel of your original document
  • Image can be replaced with another Image OR Text
  • Works with jpg, gif, png, tif, ico images
  • Multiple find replace operations on one document in one operation
  • Image substitution does not alter original scaling within document
  • Extract all images from office documents
  • Extract Graphs as Images from multiple Excel docs
  • Mass convert all documents to PDF
  • Use Wildcard Characters pattern matching to search for text to replace and transform result
  • Use Regular Expressions pattern matching to search for text to replace and transform result
  • Document Properties / Metadata / Custom Form Fields center. Maintain ALL document properties including custom form fields in one convenient location
  • Replace all or a part of a Connection String in ALL EXCEL documents at once.
  • View ALL connection strings for ALL EXCEL documents on computer in one convenient locaiton.
  • Fix location of the sharepoint shared conneciton in ALL excel documents at once.
  • Replace default font and font sizes in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Replace special characters such as Copyright © or Trademark symbols ™ in multiple documents at once
  • Replace Copyright year in all of your documents in one operation
  • Replace default font sizes in Word, Excel
  • Specify case sensitivity
  • Specify whole word or partial word substitution
  • Target specific areas for substitution: Body, Header, Footer, Hyperlinks, FootNotes, etc.
  • Works with all languages, Chinese is supported!
  • Allows for header and / or footer only substitutions
  • Purchase from Microsoft App Store (Microsoft app version)
  • Visit our main products website at
Main computer screen for global office find and replace

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Multiple substitutions in global office find and replace
Image substitutions screen in global office find and replace
Connection Strings Find And Replace
Document Properties Find And Replace