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Global Office Find Replace Version Capability Matrix

 Capability  Professional    Site    Lite Edition   Trial (free) 
License Type Lifetime Lifetime Lifetime 1 week to try
Number of Computers 1 Unlimited per 1 public ip address 1 1
Word yes yes yes yes
Excel yes yes yes yes
PowerPoint yes yes yes yes
Text (csv, txt, html) yes yes yes yes
Find Replace Text yes yes yes yes
Find Replace Images yes yes yes yes (watermarked)
Number of documents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited 5
Number of Substitutions per operation Unlimited Unlimited 10 5
Load Substitutions from Template (Excel, csv) yes yes no yes, up to 5
Extract Images from Word, Excel, PowerPoint yes yes yes (watermarked)
Extract Graphs and Charts from Excel yes yes yes (watermarked) yes (watermarked)
Global Font Replacement yes yes yes yes
Unicode Multilingual Support (Chinese, Korean, etc) yes yes yes yes
Convert to PDF yes yes yes (watermarked) yes (watermarked)
Connection String Center yes yes no yes
Document Properties yes yes yes yes
Number of Document Property substitutions per operation Unlimited Unlimited 5 5